What does this plugin do?

Bites4WP lets you connect your readers with your Book+Main Bites profile. Choose to show a floating Book+Main Bites icon (fixed to the side of your screen) and/or use the [bites_link] shortcode to display a link to your profile in pages, posts, or (if your theme supports it), widgets.

By default, the icon is shown in the Book+Main Bites Red, but you can customize the colors, font styles, and position to best fit your theme. You can even add custom CSS! Below are a couple of examples, but there are so many more ways you can make this yours!



Customize colors, and choose the position of the icon on your screen, with additional options for mobile.


Default Settings

Customized Colors
These are just an example - you can choose any colors you like via the customizer panel.

Customized Colors & Text
[bites_link text="I heart Book+Main Bites"]

Customized Typography
Adjust font size, style, letter-spacing and weight via the customizer panel.